Ambi skin care products are really popular when it comes to black skin lightening and generally evening the skin tone. Ambi has products for every stage of your skin care regimen and will help you achieve that flawless skin you desire!

Ambi Skin Care Products


Whether you have normal, oil, dry or combination skin, there is an Ambi facewash for you. Exfoliating face washes, cocoa butter soap bars and shea butter soaps are all part of the Ambi facewash range. Ambi foaming cleanser is great for fighting acne and the exfoliating face wash is perfect for removing dead skin.

Fade Dark Marks

Ambi are probably best known for their fade creams. The fade cream and targeted mark minimizer will help you to fight discolorations. Ambi products contain hydroquinone, which is banned in some countries including the UK but available in the USA. There are some health concerns when it comes to using high concentrations of hydroquinone for prolonged periods of time. Ambi contains low concentrations of hydroquinone but if you are using any hydroquinone based product, you should stop use as soon as you have faded the dark marks and avoid using it for several months at a time.


Ambi have a great range of moisturizers available for oily, dry, combination and normal skin. You can expect your skin to stay moisturised for 24 hours with these! The Daily Even & Clear moisturizer contains SPF 30 to protect your skin from further hyperpigmentation.


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  1. I have acne prone skin. I’ll try Ambi skincare products. Hope it’ll give me a good result.

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