Certain celebrities are talked about a lot when skin lightening is mentioned. There are a number of celebrities who appear to have lightening by several shaded in just a few months but very rarely will you hear a celebrity endorsing a skin lightening product. Skin tones tend to look different under different lighting conditions and this is probably the case with most celebrity skin lightening rumors.

Many people, celebrities and non-celebrities alike, use creams to even the skin tone and brighten the complexion.  This is usually gradual and isn’t hugely noticeable to the public, or at least it isn’t any more talked about than a celebrity going on holiday and getting a tan but occasionally you see such drastic changes that you can’t just put it down to camera lighting!

Sammy Sosa Skin Before & After

Former Major League Baseball player Sammy Sosa is probably the most recent that has been talked about and probably been the most drastic transformation in such a short time frame. Unlike most celebrities accused of bleaching the skin, Sammy came forward to say that he has used a “rejuvenating cream” but he never named it. In just the space of 6 months, Sammy Sosa had lightened by several shades so it would not have been easy to blame the cameras or the lighting for this!

Lil Kim Skin Whitening

American rapper, Lil Kim (née Kimberly Jones) is rumored to have been using skin lightening products for years. If you see her photos and album covers from 1996 and compare them to today, it is not difficult to see where the rumors come from. The same rumors say that Lil Kim has used skin lightening pills and injections to achieve her new complexion but Kim has never confirmed nor denied this.

Beyonce and Rihanna are often accused of skin lightening but I can’t say that I have seen any drastic skin changes with either of them. People tend to tan in the summer and get lighter in the winter and it seems when either of them loses their natural tan, people automatically imagine they must be bleaching their skin but a few weeks or months later, you will see them back at their usual skin tones.

If you’re going to follow the celebrity skin lightening trend, be sure to choose a safe skin lightening product, such as Meladerm, that will gradually lighten the complexion. By using products that cause drastic changes, you are at risk of damaging your skin in the long run. Many skin lightening products contain unsafe ingredients so be sure to read the ingredients list and be informed about the different types of ingredients there are.

6 thoughts on “Celebrity Skin Lightening – Just What Do They Use?

  1. They did more than lighten their skin. Contacts, plastic surgery (Nose job), Fake hair. They both look like zombies.

  2. put flash on alek wek and she will still be dark,people who are already light skinned will appear light on cam/video..lighting only brings out your true tones, you cant be gabrielle union’s skintone to kim kardashian’s with any lighting,I took photography for years!!if that were? the case than all black celebs would be looking spanish/white! if someone bleached, its their business. Lighting will do nothing, unless you are already light toned, you will be ligh toned! no way someone with wesley snipe’s skintone will be light toned in any lighting. I took a photo with 7 people and only 3 showed up light. The 3 that showed up light were originally light to begin with. Plus,we humans dont take pics in the dark..we do use light! but u cant say lighting will make ur skin appear lighter. Sammy clearly has been bleaching, as well as diana ross.

  3. Poor BLack People!! When will we learn? The White man raped our minds.
    He did an excellent job.
    Shame! Shame! Shamw!

  4. Sammy looks like a hot mess.

    Kim already looked a mess…

    Woe be unto ye black people, Woe!!!

  5. No Beyonce and Rihanna both bleach their skin it shows now, because I saw Beyonce standing next to Gywenth Paltrow and she is almost her skin tone, its no denying that! And the same with Rihanna! The problem is, too many people worship these two women, but refuse to see that these women have faults as well, just like everybody else!

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