So, what do you do when your booty is about 6 shades darker than the rest of your body? Or even worse, you have random dark marks all over your buttocks in the style of Montana Fishburne (You know you saw that video!!)? We might not all be adult film stars like Montana but we do want our skin to look its best, even the parts that are not necessarily on show all day, every day. If you’re wearing a bikini at the beach or wearing less for your loved one, you want to feel confident and if you’re embarrassed by the dark skin on your buttocks, that is going to knock your confidence.

Black Woman - Lighten Dark Thighs and Buttocks

A lot of the time, hyperpigmentation is caused by over-exposure to the sun and in the case hyperpigmentation on the face and arms that is usually the cause but in the case of dark skin on the buttocks, you can hardly blame sun exposure as it is generally one of the more covered areas of your body when you go out into the sun.

The constant friction caused by tight clothes and sitting down for hours on end is the main cause from discoloration on the butt. Of course, you can’t stop sitting down but there are a few things you can do to help. The first thing you can do to help the situation is wear loose cotton clothing and avoid synthetic fabrics that increase sweat and friction. Secondly, exfoliate with a good body scrub a few times a week to remove the build up of dead skin in the affected areas. A build-up of dead skin cells causes the skin to look darker than it actually is. Finally you can try skin lightening products to fade the discoloration.

Many skin lightening products available promise super fast results but contain harsh ingredients that cause more damage in the long run. By using a safe skin lightening product that contains only natural ingredients, you can lighten just the affected areas without the risk of damaging your skin. If the dark skin on your buttocks is your only area of concern, stick to using a skin lightening product on just that area at least twice a day before you use your regular moisturizer on the rest of your body. Consistent use will start to show results in just a few weeks.

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  1. That is interesting to know that exfoliating can help our skin so much.. My main problem is my face, I am used to even clear skin, but for years I’ve been suffering with acne and hyerpigmentation. Once I even out my skin I will be a happy camper…Thanks for all the info pertaining to Black skin problems!

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