Best Skin Lightening Products for African Americans

African American skin is unique so skin lightening for African Americans requires special treatment. Darker skin contains more pigment or melanin than lighter skin to offer greater protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. This melanin is contained in special cells called melanosomes. Melanosomes in African Americans are much bigger than those found in Caucasians and are more likely to get inflamed as a result of cuts or acne scars and this leads to problem dark marks and problems with hyperpigmentation. These unsightly dark marks can fade their own after several months but tend to take longer to fade on darker skin.  This means that there is a high demand for hyperpigmentation treatment for black people and there are many skin lightening products for African Americans available on the market.  If you want to get rid of your hyperpigmentation quickly, you will need the help of a good skin lightening cream.



Black Skin and Hydroquinone

Although hydroquinone based creams are particularly effective at lightening black skin and can be purchased over the counter in the US, the sale of hydroquinone based products is banned in Europe and most of the rest of the world.  It has been reported that prolonged use of hydroquinone creams, particularly on black skin, can have the reverse effect and cause permanent darkening.  Hydroquinone has also been linked to cancer. For these reasons, those with African American skin tones are better off seeking out one of the many hydroquinone-free alternatives available that contain safe and natural ingredients to fade dark marks and achieve lighter skin.

Safer Skin Lightening

When looking for an alternative skin lightening product, African Americans should look for a product that does not contain hydroquinone, mercury or steroids.  Effective natural lightening ingredients include kojic acid, bearberry extract, licorice extract, glycolic acid and vitamin C to name a few.  Two popular skin lightening brands containing these products and no harmful hydroquinone or mercury are Meladerm and Makari. Makari products are specifically tailored to skin lightening for African Americans and contain luxurious caviar extracts and high-quality natural plant extracts. Meladerm is formulated for all skin tones and all skin types.  Results are promised in just 2 weeks! You can try Meladerm risk free for 30 days – that is more than enough time to see if it works for you.  Click the banner below to buy now!

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  1. My first question is does this product work on black skin skin? I am a 23 year old black man. I have some bad discolorations around my eyes and some other areas of my face. I managed to fix a few years back but the product i was using contained hydroquinine in it so therefore the discolorations came a lot worse after very little exposure in the sun. And now im on the search for a permanent answer for those discolorations. Hopefully you guys can help me.

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