When we think of skin lightening, it’s not often we consider skin lightening for men but it is more common than we think. Men purchase roughly 1 in 4 skin lightening products that are sold. With men becoming more and more conscious of their looks and no longer being afraid to have a shelf full of cosmetic products as well as high profile men such as Sammy Sosa using skin lightening products, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that the number of men buying such products increases over time.

Although often hidden under beards and moustaches, men suffer from many of the same hyperpigmentation problems that women do. Age spots, acne scars and freckles are the most common pigmentation problems faced by both sexes. Additionally, shaving bumps – especially when it comes to men of colour – can cause further hyperpigmentation.

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Dealing with hyperpigmentation in men should be approached in pretty much the same way as for women but men may be less keen on making up a papaya face mask and applying it each night! Skin lightening creams and chemical peels are probably the preferred option for dealing with hyperpigmentation in men.

Although there are specific skin lightening products for men that are less fragranced that their feminine counterparts, the active ingredients are usually the same. Hydroquinone is banned in most parts of the world and there are concerns over its safety so you might want to avoid hydroquinone-based products altogether.

Papaya extract, kojic acid and arbutin are the most popular natural skin lightening ingredients and you will find these in many products.

Within the Asian community, Fair and Handsome is popular for men and Makari Skin Care Products are popular with African Americans. Although Makari is primarily advertised for women, it is suitable for men too. Many other skin lightening products such as Meladerm are suited for all skin tones and skin types whether male or female. It is also very mildly fragranced so should not be out of place on any man’s cosmetic shelf.

Skin lightening for men does not have to be drastically different from women’s skin lightening. Even when the packaging is different, the active ingredients are probably the same.

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  1. Respected Team members.,
    am a 21 year boy ,howz struglin to get my skin whiter .,all ther body parts expt my face neck and hands are white ., am woking in uae. i think u all knw the climate ther .., But i want my orininal colour in my face ,neck and hands.
    i hope ur team will have a solution for my problem..

    Thanking you ..

    1. Hi Kannan,

      There 2 main things are to always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun and secondly you can use a skin lightening cream such as Meladerm to fade your tan. Using skin lightening products without sunscreen is pointless so make sure you do both.

  2. Hey Anita;

    I am an arab boy, 20 years old. My main concern is that all my skin is fine, except for the fact that the skin on my face is redder/darker than the rest of my body. My hands are the perfect shade, so much so that I’m envious of them. They’re pale and perfect in color. My question is that, since I also use Benzoyl Peroxide to combat acne on my face, what should I use along with it that will be safe? Specifically, what pills, because I don’t want another topical application on my skin along with the Benzoyl Peroxide. I read your article about Makari Oralight Whitening Pills, and I want to give them a try. How are they? Have you tried them yourself? Thanks, and please help me with this.

    NB: I ALWAYS wear sunscreen SPF 15-20 whenever I am going out in the sun, even for a few minutes.

  3. Hey Anita
    I am 19 year old boy. Im a reasonably dark individual of West African origin. I’ve noticed and others have that my face has become considerably darker. – perhaps due to the sun, or I was using a cream for White men by accident. I tried using Fair and Handsome for Men for 5 weeks to correct my uneven skin tone on my face, and saw no results, also I tried using the Skin Toning soap for men but it still did not change my face. I read the review about Makari and Meladerm, and I want to know, which product is likely to work on very dark skin, as I desire to be a good few shades lighter

    Please help me, I’m desperate!

    P.S. Thank you for this website, it’s awesome!

    1. Hi James,

      Makari and Meladerm have similar ingredients and I’m confident you’ll see results with whichever one you choose. Makari offer a number of products in their range and not just a lightening cream and Meladerm offer the 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results. I’d choose Meladerm for the face and lightening small areas of the body but if you want to lighten the whole body, I’ll go with Makari’s body beautifying milk as it comes in a much larger bottle.

      I hope that gives you a little help with making a decision.

  4. Oh, which one also works faster, and could you give me any advice on combating uneven skin tone on West African skin

    Would I have to lighten my entire body?

    Please help


  5. Hey Anita, how you doing?
    Just came across this site, it’s a life saver!

    I’m a 21-years-old Black male, medium brown skinned, I would say. I’ve been hitting the gym a lot and I’ve found I’ve got stretch marks on most of my body. I also suffer from dark knees and elbows, I heard that was from lifting weights and stretching of skin, so now I don’t like wearing shorts or being bare chested because I’m so worried about it. I got interested in the Oralight Pills and wouldn’t mind lightening my whole body but also I got interested in the body beautifying milk. Do I have to use them together or can I just take Oralight on it’s own? Hope you can help!

    I’m awaiting your reply
    Kind regards

  6. I started reading this looking for info on chemical peels. Im amazed at how you people seem to hate the skin you were born in. It breaks my heart that people are desperate to change the color of their whole body to look like white people. I am a dark skinned African-American and I do have problems with uneven skin tone. But instead of lightening, I just tan the rest of my body that doesnt get exposed to the sun on a daily basis. The sun is a source of healing (vit D), esp for dark skinned people who are susceptible to being deficient. I hope you grow to love yourselves as I do 🙂

  7. hi,
    i’m ram from India staying @ Chennai.i got brown skin. atleast i wanna get indian actress “priyanka chopra” color.Could i get HER skin color by using any skin whitening soap for men?. Can you suggest any skin whitening soap for me??

  8. hi,i am a 23 old boy from india .my skin colour of my face and neck is black and body colour is pale white.please help me to get fairness.becoz there is no place for black people.

  9. Hello Anita,
    I am a very dark male, all my life people have always talk about my skin color and treated me diffrent than lighter complexted people. I notice at work I’m treated diffrent, In restruant, at school and where ever I go people treat me diffrent as they don’t like very dark skinned person. I notice a at check out counter once, that an employee acted like she was doing something else because I was the next in line and she did not want to help so she waited tell the next employee help me then she call the next person up to her counter. This made me very mad but what could I do, I knew why she did this (and she was a black female). I don’t want to be light skin but I would like to about two or three shad lighter than I am now just to see how people treat me. I would like to know that feeling before I die. Please Please I’m begging you to help me Anita.

  10. hi…i am a 18 yr boy..m my entire body is fair except for my face,neck and hands… why is it so??? and can u tell me which cream to use? and can meladerm be used only as a skin whitening cream or it should be used only if one has scars,acne etc? plzz reply

  11. Hey Anita,
    just saw dis web site!!!!cool and fascinating….i am a 17 yr old indian boy….i was fairer whn i was a kid but i started standing in the sun since it made me feel good…but yrs later i saw a sudden decrease in my skin colour…but since i am gonna to my college nxt yr…i want to increase my skin colour…do u have any suggestions……i am facing a lot of problems at school due to dis……i am in madurai,tamilnadu,india…..so pls tell some idea regarding my area…

  12. i am suraj my skin colour is white but accept my neck and hand and face suggest me a face whitning creame

  13. Hey Anita, this is Amit. I’m 20 years old, living in Delhi, India. My body is fair enough, even my skin is fine. But my problem is a little weird, and it is that my stomach area is a little dark as compared to the rest of my body and my face. My chest area, thighs, legs are fair enough but not my belly area. Please tell me a good solution.

    I hope its not some disease.. 🙁

  14. Hi Anita,
    I luv this site its awesome.
    I have a similar case with james only that i have a rough+dry skin and the kind of product you suggested for James, is not accessible in this part of west Africa where i live.Do you have any other product could serve the same purpose and can be accessible in Nigeria….?

    lots luv

  15. hey anita how r u i hope u r well am a boy 20 yrs old from pakistan please suggest me garnier face wash…..thanks

  16. hi anita m 20 years old i dont know whts goin’ on with my skin , i use fairness cream but its not working on me i think, can you plz tell me how to lighten the skin color hope so it will work on me. thanx

  17. Hello mam my face color is fine but my hands is dark which cream i have to use that’s my hands is clean please advice me..and some spots is my lips what i do please tell me?

  18. hellow.
    i am a boy of 20 years and i live in Bangladesh.I want to make my face white.I asked many beauty exparts this question but they avoid this type of question.My face is Brigt and i want to make my face white.pls give me some suggestions and don’t avoid my questions answer.
    take care.

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